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PCES 79 & PSAT 83


This is the website of the Pandan Central Elementary School Class 1979 and the Pandan School of Arts and Trades Class 1983.  Many of them were classmates from elementary to high school.  Some  members belong only to the elementary class as they took their high school in other schools, others were only members of the high school class as some took their elementary in other schools. But through the years they have stayed united and close to one another.  This  site is a tribute to the caraderie and friendship of the members of these two classes which have remained through the years.
This contains the list of the pupils back in elementary and the students in high school.  Pictures from the past and the present were also included, to help them visualize how they were before and how they are now.

Events and Announcements
Updated 3/20/00

Don't forget, we're taking a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts on March 22. You won't need to bring a lunch, but you must have your permission slip signed and with you when you get on the bus.

Assignment 4 is not due until April 3 (instead of March 31).

Meet the Challenge!

Clipart of a pencil; Size=135 pixels wide

Here, I might put a weekly brain teaser, for example:

Three less than 4 times a number is greater than 4 times the sum of the number and 1. Find all such numbers.

Last week's answer: 4
Last week's winner: Brad

In the News

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Here I might mention a story in the news that pertains to my subject and solicit opinions from the class. Or I might ask a question about material we covered in class, for example:

This week we read a great short story. If you could be any of the characters in this story, which would you be and why?

I'll post the answers on the "Class Bulletin Board" page.

Please get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.